The evolution and future of mobile gaming

Most people in the US now own a smartphone and use it daily. Unsurprisingly, the popularity and affordability of smartphones with internet connectivity have led to more people choosing to play games on these convenient, portable, powerful devices. More people game on smartphones than consoles or even PCs. Below, we will explore what makes mobile games so popular.

The evolution and future of mobile gaming


Consoles are expensive compared to using the phone you already own. When console games first came on the market, they were outside the price range many could afford. This has continued to be the case. Similarly, gaming PCs designed to run graphic-intense games can cost thousands of dollars. Compare this cost to what the average person pays for a modern cell phone with the latest operating systems, such as Apple or Android, and it is easy to see why so many people use mobile games for entertainment.

Mobile games are convenient

You have to dedicate specific time to sitting at a console or PC and gaming, whereas a mobile game can be played anywhere when you have a few minutes of free time. Mobile games help remove the boredom and monotony from commutes on buses, trains, and subways. If you are in a car and someone else is driving, a mobile game can help pass the time.

Mobile games are portable

The Nintendo Gameboy was the first device that shifted its console games to mobile devices. Of course, there are modern devices such as the Nintendo Switch and others that are helping console game manufacturers bring their games to those who desire portability in their gaming. Still, these devices are more expensive, less portable, and less accessible than mobile games. In addition, there are a lot more games available for mobile devices than anything a major console manufacturer and game producer can offer.

Mobile games can be played on different operating systems

Some gamers may remember when you had to have a specific console to play a game you liked. For example, Sonic the Hedgehog was on SEGA, so if you had a Nintendo, you were out of luck. Mobile games are often designed to be playable on any smartphone or tablet so gamers have more options than ever before.

Mobile games are creative and cheap to develop

While it takes a lot of work and imagination to create a great game that people can really connect with, it is more affordable to produce mobile games and offer them on many different platforms than to create major games that are released on a console or PC format.

Game entrepreneurs and project leaders such as Martin van Blerk often prefer to produce mobile games, as they are easier to make profitable and encourage ingenuity and innovation. Furthermore, independent designers and game makers can produce games and market them on their own rather than having to get the backing of a large game maker that only releases a limited number of titles per year.

Mobile gaming becomes popular with more demographics

Console and mobile gaming are popular mostly with a younger demographic whereas mobile games are more often played by people of all ages. This means that the market is larger and there is more room for a greater variety of games.

Games have advertising potential

Many mobile games use advertising to make their games free to play, rather than making the games purchasable outright. This type of advertising can be very lucrative for game designers and bring in even more revenue than selling the game outright to gamers.

Still, other games allow for in-app purchases such as game expansions or additional items that make gameplay more fun.

Mobile games help people connect and have fun together

It is important that mobile games allow gamers the ability to interact or at least compare scores and play against one another in real-time. Games that allow a lot of interaction are very popular and a great way for gamers to connect with others and have some fun no matter where they are.

Mobile games are here to stay

Mobile games will continue to rise in popularity. The fact that they are more accessible to people from all backgrounds and are very affordable or free means they have a major advantage over console and PC games that cost significant amounts of money and cannot be played just anywhere.

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